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Fly-by hi-bye!

A few things, a little stream of consciousness-y:

1. We've moved offices at work. Canary Wharf is now my nearest destination station! We inhabit a purple and red hut at the feet of silver steel and glass. I believe we are the left hand side of the right hand part of the purple thing. The sad thing is, the part of our organisation that was supposed to move a few doors up the road had the signing of their lease delayed, so for the next week we're crammed into one building. Today consisted of setting up three computers, looking through crates to find the files I needed, returning to our make-shift office to discover someone has decided to take it over and have a meeting, wandering around with plenty to do but no way of doing it, having to sit on reception for 30 mins (I hate telephones), and finally some actual work. 

Ofsted are coming to inspect us soon.

With the onset of winter, what I really needed was an office that loves air conditioning but doesn't understand heating.

Still, out of the window where my temporary desk space is, I can see two stretches of water, and various birds. So far I have seen grebes, cormorants, a swan and the nice type of seagul (the ones that look like terns, but aren't).

This is a two minute walk away. It's the most stupid sculpture I've ever seen (even beats the round thingys by the Mayor's Office) and is in the middle of a roundabout of all places. Nice way to confuse an inexperienced driver who may not realise it's art.

2. I'm now a qualified first aider. I hope to never have to use my new-found skills, but it's good to know that I'd be more use in a crisis than before.

3. Chuck season 3 episode 18 - the first commercial was at one of the most inconvenient points in a show I've ever seen!

SPOILERS...... sort of. Nothing direct.

Totally called what happened to Bartowski senior (his line to Ellie gave it away - writers, you need to be more subtle).

Still, I'm thrilled that Team Misfit now has to be saved by Team Oh-My-Goodness-You-Can't-Be-Serious. Oh, and that when this season finishes airing in the UK (next Monday) I could launch straight into watching season 4!


4. I've been watching "Monarch of the Glen", a dramedy based on Glenbogle Estate in the Scottish Highlands. It's patchy quality (particularly in the latter seasons) but still enjoyable. I had been thinking how much I'd love to write a scene between thick as two short planks, and equally as lovely Duncan McKay (pronounced McKai - as is proper) and a certain Dr. R McKay, as they're polar opposites in more ways than one. I am thinking it even more after discovering that both actors are in SyFy's "Morlocks". I wonder if David Hewlett and Hamish Clark had discussions about playing characters called "McKay"?! Also the character "Paul" looks like the person you might get if you mixed together Joe F and Ben Browder.

5. It's time to share my favourite sandwich:

Spinach (uncooked)
Sun blushed tomatoes (sun dried will do, but are not as tasty)
Black pepper to taste.


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Sep. 27th, 2010 11:50 pm (UTC)
Sounds like the work situation is frustrating. :( But at least you have a good view! :)

Interesting art! LOL!

CHUUUUUUUCKKKKKK! Oh sorry, got carried away there a minute. Love this show. :) I had to go back and rewatch a bit to refresh my memory after reading your post, but yes....

I'm thrilled that Team Misfit now has to be saved by Team Oh-My-Goodness-You-Can't-Be-Serious.

LOL - yes, it is truly awesome. ;) Episode 4.02 is about to air here in ten minutes - you're only a couple episodes behind really. :)
Sep. 28th, 2010 12:37 am (UTC)
Canary Wharf? Watch out for those Cybermen!

Moving is never fun, whether at work or at home. At least you get to go home when you move at work, though.

I had to laugh at the Traffic Light Tree, though I do hope it doesn't cause traffic problems. I kind of like it. I kind of like the ball sculpture, too. Then again, I'm upset that they moved The Exploding Chicken from downtown Tampa. Fortunately, it will soon be up at Channelside, so I can see it again sometimes! That's not actually it's proper name, but that's what happens when an artist doesn't title a piece. Photos here and here; they don't quite give the full sense, since it looks different at differnet angles.
(no subject) - doylefan22 - Sep. 28th, 2010 06:54 am (UTC) - Expand
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