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I'm still here! TV Round-up

I haven't posted for a long time, due to longish working hours and an hour plus journey at each end. This of course means I'm much more tired than I used to be and frankly don't have the urge to be on the internet that much.

Nonetheless, here's some TV related content:


1. Eureka
Yay! More Eureka. I'm intrigued and a little scared by the turn the show has taken. I'm thrilled about the new character (even if he isn't using his real accent *pout*), and a little concerned about what's going to happen with our characters (especially Zane and one of the Blake family). But still, the little show that could is back with its wonderfully likeable characters, semi-dodgy science, and fantastic sense of humour. I'm just wondering how permanent the twist is..... NO SPOILERS, PLEASE!

2. Psych
Yay! More Psych. As happy as I am about Psych being back, they really need to back off on using race as a joke. As Gus pointed out in the episode, Shawn DID cross the line into racism, and it's no joking matter. That aside and glowered at, I'm happy that my boys and girls are back, hopeful we'll be seeing a little more of Henry than last season, and delighted at Gus's tale-spinning. Go Gus!

3. Warehouse 13
We're 2 episodes in to the second season, and while this show has its problems, its mainly enjoyable. I was squeeing a little when I saw episode two's first guest star (who I knew about) and squeeing like a crazy person when the second one turned up (looking mighty good). I'm becoming increasingly intrigued by the friendship between Myka and Pete, and frankly the bonds that bind all the main characters. It's a little bit SGA - love/annoy relationships.



I discovered Chuck about 2 months ago, and have in that time watched the first two seasons - oh and fallen for it so hard that I bought the first two seasons! I finished these in enough time to catch the season 3 on TV over here and am up to epsiode 6 (yes, it's just ended in the US, and just started here).

Why do I love Chuck? There are many, many reasons, but let me start with the reason that got me watching in the first place: Adam Baldwin. I'd seen posters for Chuck, and it had been mentioned on various people's LJs, and I kind of liked the idea of the show (a geek who has to become a secret agent), but that hadn't turned into me watching it. Then colleague A returned colleague B's season 1 box set, it ended up on my desk, I noticed a picture of Adam Baldwin (who I didn't know was in it, because I hadn't read anyone's LJ entry where they mentioned it) and the HAD to watch it, especially when told it was funny. Humour is to me as H/C and/or whumping are to many of you guys.  

So, again, why Chuck?

a)  Adam Baldwin. If you loved him as Jayne Cobb in Firefly (or you may recall him as Colonel Dixon in SG-1's season 8 double parter "Heroes") you'll love him in Chuck. John Casey has many many similarities to Jayne, with the great exceptions being: he's not a criminal, and; he's intelligent. He's still intimidating, hilarious, obsessed with weapons, and generally awesome. (Plus he looks good in a long sleeved black t-shirt).

b. Chuck - played by the wonderful Zachary Levi. He's so lovely, and geeky; it's my kryptonite! As "Mr Nice Guy", Chuck has the potential to become boring, but he never does - partly because of the varying ridiculous situations he ends up in, and his reactions to them. Also, Mr Levi does the physical comedy very well - brings another Zach - Mr Braff - to mind. Having said that, I'm not sure that the plot of season 3 really works that well for the character. Still he couldn't really remain being the guy he was in seasons 1 and 2 without it being ridiculous.

c. Everyone else. This show has an abundance of wonderful characters. Sarah is fantastically kick-ass; Ellie is great as the sister who wants the best for her little brother, Captain Awesome (aka "Devon") is, well, awesome; Morgan is hilarious and his friendship with Chuck surely goes with the greatest of on-screen friendships; the Nerd Herd (especially Julia) and Big Mike interject variety, hilarity, and more complications than you can shake a stick at.

d. It just seems to get funnier throughout seasons 1 and 2. I'll admit, I wasn't sold on the pilot, but then I rarely am. It usually takes me a few episodes to warm to a show. However, I have noticed as I've kept watching that it really does seem to be getting funnier (at least in the eps I've seen).

The Big Bang Theory:

While I don't like half of the humour (the boy's eternal quest to get laid) I LOVE the science and sci-fi humour with my whole heart. The first five minutes of "The Rock Paper Scissor Expansion" is pure comedy geek-out genius.

Sheldon is (of course) the character of win in this show. He and Raj, with Penny mixed in totally make the show for me. Leonard is okay, but too whiny and not any where near to being as "nice" as Penny seems to think. Howard I'm hot and cold about, but one thing I am sure about - Simon Helburg is an extremely talented guy.



I got a bit bored, and can't stand the teenaged son of the FBI agent. Grr! Still, I'm loving the inclusion of Father Jack. I really must watch more eps....


I have sci-fi fan colleagues! (YAY!) The one I see the most is urging me to continue and has given me enough spoiler to be intrigued but not totally spoilt. The only thing is that persuading myself to press play is proving to be hard after enjoying only 1 of the first ten episodes. However, we learned yesterday/today that there are 2 future reasons for watching this show. See Mallozzi's blog and an upcoming Sy-Fy press release for details.


I watched this for the cast, and for the high Brit-actor ratio. However, I stalled with only 2 or 3 more episodes to go. Seeing as there is no more FF why can't I bring myself to finish it.


The Good Guys

Anyone watched this? I was two episodes and laughed only once. As much as I love Bradley Whitford, this show has so far failed to entertain me, other than having freakout moments when Colin Hanks says or does something that makes him look or sound almost exactly like his father.


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Jul. 16th, 2010 06:57 am (UTC)
Regarding the SGU casting news, I'm torn between "eeeee!" and "Oh damn, now I have to watch season two." Which sums up my conflicted relationship with SGU. *g*
Sep. 27th, 2010 11:10 pm (UTC)
I discovered Chuck about 2 months ago, and have in that time watched the first two seasons - oh and fallen for it so hard that I bought the first two seasons!

That's funny, pretty much the same here. I'm looking forward to diving into my DVDs once the workload eases up a little.

Can't read your latest post because I'm still more or less unspoiled beyond 3x14. I've used Chuck to reward myself with an ep after work, but for the last few days I was too exhausted after work to even watch tv. That's just wrong.
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