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How Did I Ever Get Into SG-1?!

When I moved in, my new house-mate's eyes lit up when she heard that I had box-sets of shows like SG-1, and The West Wing - just one of the many reasons why I love living where I am.

So, with snow arriving, and her not feeling too good, and me being utterly lazy at the weekend, she decided she'd start on a Stargate watch-a-thon, having seen bits and pieces but not the entire thing.

We've now also watched the first three discs of SG-1, and I hate to say I don't remember it being as dull as I'm finding it. Maybe my experience is different this time because I'm watching it with someone, but there doesn't seem to be much humour as I expect from Stargate; there's some unnecessary and frankly offensive footage (for this, see the full-cut of Children of the Gods, and the rape scene in The Broca Divide - I hope that Showtime intervention are the reasons that both those exist); and some dire episodes (again, see The Broca Divide, Cold Lazarus (which had potential to be better), The First Commandment and others).

I'm really hoping that favourites such as The Torment of Tantalus, Fire and Water, and Tin Man, will stand up to being as good as I remember them, because I really am wondering where my love for this show came from in the beginning... I suppose I had different standards back then. Which is not to say that my love for SG-1 is diminished; but I am surprised to have such a lacklustre re-reaction to these episodes.

Also, where are my SG-1 icons?! I had at least three! My "Jack Carter" one is of course a Eureka icon...
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Ups and downs

I could go on about the ups and downs of the past two weeks, but I've decided just to go for the ups and downs of today.

Down: Discovering a training partner submitting paper work to us had submitted many incomplete files.

Up: The lovely training partner who hand delivered to us as much of the missing paper work as they could get to us, mere hours after we told them about it. Why can't they all be that good?

Down: The Jubilee Line (London Underground). Actually, it was working, but it was full of people, and even when the carriages get as full as you think they can possibly get, people still manage to bully their way on. I really need to find a place to live that's close to where I work so I don't have to suffer the crush.

Up: Getting home to see a cheque from Inland Revenue with a tax rebate that is worth my current monthly rent and montly travel costs added together! I had thought I was getting an amount that was closer to just the travel costs, but hadn't noticed there was a second page with a final final rebate total!

Down: The IM chat and following phone call I had with someone who was valiantly trying to update some information, but hadn't read my email about HOW to do it. I hadn't realised she hadn't read it, until she mentioned that she hadn't realised that the updates needed to go on a second tab in the spread sheet, and not be made to the (very deliberately locked down!) first tab. I literally head-desked. 

Up: The fit of giggles I had when I realised that someone thinks that 1pm-7pm is 7 hours, without the help of a timezone change or daylight savings. Yes, it's sad that they think that, but it made me laugh!
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HELP! How does one train someone to alphabetise?!

I have a situation at work where one of our Apprentices does a job, a part of which entails her being able to file things alphabetically.

My own privilege got in the way of me considering that someone would not know how to do this, until I saw some of the work she'd done.

She needs to learn how to do this, for this job, and for her future job prospects, and I'm wondering how to do it; as I obviously learned how to alphabetise, but I couldn't tell you how or when or where.

Does anyone have any ideas? I have tried looking on-line for resources, but they all seem to be about alphabetising within a Microsoft application, which is not what we need.
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Fly-by hi-bye!

A few things, a little stream of consciousness-y:

1. We've moved offices at work. Canary Wharf is now my nearest destination station! We inhabit a purple and red hut at the feet of silver steel and glass. I believe we are the left hand side of the right hand part of the purple thing. The sad thing is, the part of our organisation that was supposed to move a few doors up the road had the signing of their lease delayed, so for the next week we're crammed into one building. Today consisted of setting up three computers, looking through crates to find the files I needed, returning to our make-shift office to discover someone has decided to take it over and have a meeting, wandering around with plenty to do but no way of doing it, having to sit on reception for 30 mins (I hate telephones), and finally some actual work. 
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2. I'm now a qualified first aider. I hope to never have to use my new-found skills, but it's good to know that I'd be more use in a crisis than before.

3. Chuck season 3 episode 18 - the first commercial was at one of the most inconvenient points in a show I've ever seen!
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4. I've been watching "Monarch of the Glen", a dramedy based on Glenbogle Estate in the Scottish Highlands. It's patchy quality (particularly in the latter seasons) but still enjoyable. I had been thinking how much I'd love to write a scene between thick as two short planks, and equally as lovely Duncan McKay (pronounced McKai - as is proper) and a certain Dr. R McKay, as they're polar opposites in more ways than one. I am thinking it even more after discovering that both actors are in SyFy's "Morlocks". I wonder if David Hewlett and Hamish Clark had discussions about playing characters called "McKay"?! Also the character "Paul" looks like the person you might get if you mixed together Joe F and Ben Browder.

5. It's time to share my favourite sandwich:

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Echoes J&R

It's BA-ACK!

The story where John is turned into a woman, goes back to Earth with Rodney, and, as a favour for Rodney dresses up really nicely so Rodney can show him off as some kind of trophy date (*Ptooey* at the idea of a trophy date/spouse).

Yes, that one, which even if you've never read it, you've heard of it, because it features on SGA Storyfinders so much.

It's back on SGA Storyfinders.

Seriously, they need to make a sticky.....
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Who would live in a house like this?

Anyone who is a frequenter of the Cheezburger network has probably heard of the main sites - LOLCats, Failblog, ROFL Razzi, Kludges etc, but there's a whole plethora of lesser publicised (i.e. they don't have their own tab on the home page) that are made of more awesome than some of the main pages (but not better than LOLCats, because that would be impossible). As they don't have their own tabs, I tend to forget they exist, but from time to time I remember to go and look.

One of my favourites is "Lovely Listing" - a site that finds inexplicable, weird, and ugly property listings, and then makes fun of them. However, like Cakewrecks, they take a day out of the week, NFSWednesday (Not For Sale Wednesday) to highlight some weird and wonderful properties that are not for sale. Oh, and they also have a thing about those ubiquitous white plastic garden chairs

You have no idea how much I want a house like the one at the top of this post. Seriously. And then you'd all want to come and stay!
Here's the creator's website with more photos, the how, the why and the cost (which is less than a middle of the range second-hand car).

Also, I think the OP is bang on in this latest post.

I look at the middle photo and I can HEAR the rings coming down to transport someone to a mother-ship! (Let's not be pedantic and point out that they are in fact ANCIENT transporter rings, stolen co-opted by the Goa'uld.)

And this one just makes the space geek-lite in me go SQUUUEEEEE! Can't you hear the Thunderbirds theme in the background? (If you have no idea what that is,substitute "James Bond" instead. If you don't know  of either Thunderbirds or James Bond, then I can't help you.)

If I find it, I'll have to post the listing for the smallest "flat" in the whole universe. And yes, it is in London.

Friends List Cull

I've just done a bit of a Friends List Cull, and wanted to give a little explanation in case you are someone who has activated the option to be notified if someone de-friends you.

1. I still don't like that the Friends List is a "Friends" list, and being removed from it means you are being "De-friended". Anyway, it's not that I now hate you, it's the points below.
*edited to remove incorrect reference to DW*

2. Fandoms come and fandoms go, people change, interests go their separate ways, and it simply may be that I'm not interested in what you're posting about any more, and given our lack of interaction, I'd guess you're not too interested when I occasionally post any more. It happens. It's okay. I've decided to remove such content, as I don't spend anywhere near as much time as I did on LJ and want to make my LJ time a little easier.

3. I took a look at my flist and said "Who's that?!" or "They're still on LJ? Really?". I don't see the point of having names on my flist when I either don't/notice or don't read your posts, or you don't post any more. Whether I have 10 or 100 people on my list, I'd prefer them to be people I actually interact with, whether actively or passively (as in, I sometimes read, but don't comment).
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I'm still here! TV Round-up

I haven't posted for a long time, due to longish working hours and an hour plus journey at each end. This of course means I'm much more tired than I used to be and frankly don't have the urge to be on the internet that much.

Nonetheless, here's some TV related content:


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